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Once discharged from the clinic you will receive prescriptions for painkillers, antibiotics and if necessary other medications. In addition, you will receive materials to take care of your wounds and to rinse your vagina. You can pick up the medication at your own pharmacy.

You also need to come back to the clinic so we can monitor the healing process of your vagina. You will receive a confirmation of your outpatient appointment. After the first check-up you will have several other check-ups spread out over a longer period of time.

When you are home, it is important that you keep the site of the wound as clean as possible. You will receive instructions from your nurse. Once you are home you also need to start rinsing your vagina and in case of a penile inversion vaginoplasty, start with the dilation of your vagina. If you had intestinal vaginoplasty you cannot start the dilation until after your outpatient appointment and upon approval by the doctor. Information about dilation can be found in the section dilation of the menu bar on the left hand side. You will also find information about when to start using the hormones and when sexual contact is possible.

You are also advised not to go swimming, take a bath or go to the sauna for the first four weeks after surgery. If the wounds in your genital area are still open, you are advised not to engage in abovementioned activities until the wounds are healed. You are allowed to take a short shower. Due to these kind of activities the skin becomes too soft, which causes the stitches to dissolve too early and opens up the wounds.