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It is recommended to have the hair of the skin used for vaginoplasty permanently removed. This can be done using a laser, Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) or electrolysis. The hair follicles of the skin we use to make the vagina are not removed during surgery.

Because the treatment needs to be carried out over several sessions, you need to start with permanent hair removal at least nine months prior to your planned surgery, and preferably during the cross-sex hormone therapy. If for whatever reason permanent hair removal didn’t succeed, hairs may start growing inside or outside of the vagina. The surgery will still take place.

Permanent hair removal can be done by a dermatologist. The shaded part in figure 1 shows the area that needs to be permanently depilated. It concerns removing the hair around the base of the penis up to 2 cm. The strip of skin from the scrotum to 2 cm above the anus, around the area of the perineum, also needs to be depilated. This strip is approximately 10 cm long and 3 cm wide. We do not recommend to have more than this area permanently depilated. Depending on how it heals, the genital hair on the outside may in fact provide some camouflage for scars. You can always have more hair removed at a later point in time.