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If you qualify for vaginoplasty, it is important to be/become aware of your pelvic floor muscles. After surgery the newly formed vagina needs to be dilated to maintain its depth and width. Problems with dilation can arise when you are not or insufficiently aware of this group of muscles. This is why we recommend you go see the pelvic floor physiotherapist prior to surgery.

A pelvic floor physiotherapist can give you information about the pelvic floor muscles, what they do and how you can train them so the dilation will be a bit easier and more comfortable. Again, if you do not dilate, your vagina will become narrow and more shallow.

You can purchase the vaginal dilator set, for example the set shown below, yourself. This dilator set is available through www.pelvision.nl.

For further information on dilation please go to the section on aftercare dilation.