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There may be reasons why you are not completely satisfied with the appearance or functional outcome of vaginoplasty after surgery. You can discuss this with your plastic surgeon. He/she will tell you whether a possible intervention can lead to an improvement of the result. Sometimes the intervention can be performed with local anesthesia, using an injection. In other cases surgery under general anesthesia is necessary. This all depends on the size and extensiveness of the intervention.

In principle, secondary corrections are not performed within 6 months after the first surgery.


Examples of secondary corrections are;

  • The urethra: because the urine flows in the wrong direction or the exit of the urethra has become narrower.
  • The erectile tissue: too much erectile tissue around the urethra can obstruct urination. There can also be too much erectile tissue around the vagina, which causes complication of dilation and/or penetration.
  • The outer labia: because they are slightly apart at the top side, causing the clitoris to be too exposed, or because they are asymmetrical.
  • The scars: because these are less attractive