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After vaginoplasty, sexuality remains an important issue for many. When you are sufficiently recovered after vaginoplasty, it will be possible to use your vagina during intercourse (including penetration).

Research shows that sexual function following vaginoplasty is quite possible and that 80% of the people can achieve an orgasm after vaginoplasty. The sexual drive (libido) in men and women depends on the testosterone hormone.

After the testicles have been removed your body no longer produces testosterone. If you have any complaints about this, please contact the hormone doctor of the gender team. Making yourself (sexually) familiar with your own vagina and learning to use it in a sexual way are major challenges after vaginoplasty. You can discuss any questions on the capabilities of your vagina (e.g. depth; sensitivity) with your plastic surgeon. Throughout the entire process, your psychologist will also talk to you about your sexuality and how to resolve any possible problems. Points of interest are for instance: what does sexuality mean for you, when do you get sexually aroused and when not, do you have a partner, etc.