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In the case of a small and/or circumcised penis, it is not possible to make a sufficiently deep and wide vagina using only the penile skin. It will be necessary to add skin in order to obtain sufficient depth and width. Therefore, we are obliged to use skin grafts (see figure 7).

The surgical technique using skin grafts is similar to the standard penile inversion vaginoplasty. The difference is that the skin graft is attached to the top of the penile inversion flap. We take this skin away from the scrotal skin. This skin is usually present in abundance. Sometimes we need to take some skin from the groin or the abdomen. This often causes more and longer scars.

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The urinary catheter and the tampon are removed after 5 days. If you feel good, are sufficiently independent and the doctor has given you permission to do so, you may go home. We will see you again at the outpatient clinic.