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Drs. Bouman FESSM

Drs. Bouman

Plastic surgeon Bouman was specialised as a plastic, reconstructive, micro and gender surgeon in the VUmc in Amsterdam, after completing his general surgery for 3 years in Rotterdam. As of 2003 he has been actively participating in gender surgery here in the Knowledge and Care Centre for Gender dysphoria of the VUmc in Amsterdam. He has visited many international gender centres and as of 2013 is one of the board members of the Knowledge and Care Centre for Gender dysphoria in the VUmc in Amsterdam.



Drs. Buncamper FESSM

Drs. Buncamper

Plastic surgeon Buncamper was trained as plastic and reconstructive micro and gender surgeon in the University hospital in Gent by the renown gender surgeon professor Monstrey. From 2002 he has been closely linked to micro and gender surgery. After having worked for some years as reconstructive surgeon in the Cancer Centre in Rotterdam . He came to the VUmc in Amsterdam in 2010 and has since then been actively involved in the Knowledge and Care Centre for Gender dysphoria of the VUmc in Amsterdam. Together with professor Monstrey he yearly visits Cuba to teach in practical sense gender surgery to the surgeons there and after 2013 he’s also guest surgeon and trainer the international masters degree in reconstructive surgery.



 Drs. Meijerink

Jeroen Meijerink smal

Drs. Meijerink

Drs. Meijerink is a highly specialized gastro-intestinal surgeon. He is working for over 20 years as a laparoscopic colorectal surgeon. He is responsible for the colorectal training programs in the Netherlands and initiated many course for surgical residents. He was the founder of a nationwide laparoscopic colorectal training program for Dutch surgeons. He was trained in Maastricht and Eindhoven as a General Surgeon. He specialized in gastro-intestinal and colorectal surgery in Leiden University Medical Center. He worked for 8 years as consultant surgeon in Medical Center Leeuwarden. Since 2006 he is consultant in VUmc as  colorectal surgeon and active member of the Gender Team of VUmc. Together with dr Bouman and dr Buncamper he performs the sigmoid derived neo-vaginaplasty.





This site was constructed to inform you and keep you abreast about the latest, as well as the more common surgical procedures in gender conformation surgery. More specifically we will focus on breast and genital conformation in male to female as well as in female to male transgenders.

Drs. Buncamper and drs. Bouman are both working as plastic and reconstructive gender surgeons at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is the world’s largest multidisciplinary Knowledge and Care Centre for gender dysphoria of the world. They both have microsurgical breast and genital reconstruction and mostly gender surgery as their area of expertise. Besides that, they also have a large expertise in cosmetic surgery of the breast and genital area.

To further broaden there understanding of human medical sexuality both passed for the European Board Examination for the European Society for Sexual medicine in 2012. Since then they are registered as a Fellow of the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

In 2013 they organized the First European Gender Surgeon workshop with live gender surgery and participants from all over Europe and founded the European Association For Gender Surgeons (the EAFGS). This organisation is a professional network that constantly tries to renew and enhance surgical results in transgender surgery by the exchange of knowledge on an international level. As the board of the EAFGS they are also responsible for organizing the biannual members congress of the EAFGS, for which the next one will be held in London October 2015.

At the latest WPATH conference in January 2014 Bangkok they were members of the abstract committee for the “surgeons only” sessions to judge and select the scientific presentations and were also chairmen in some of these scientific sessions.

Together they perform more than 200 gender surgery procedures per year for the female to male as well as for male to female transgender. Both are routinely guest surgeons nationally e.g. Groningen, Den Haag, Rotterdam and internationally e.g. Spain, Brazil and Cuba.

They also frequently welcome in VUmc international colleagues in order to share knowledge. E.g. From London, Belgrade, San Francisco, Bangkok and Sweden.
They contributed to several medical books and are active in many scientific research projects in the Gender Surgery.